Lion's Mane 30 caps
Lion's Mane 30 caps
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Lion's Mane 30 caps

Lion's Mane - Boosting Brain Power

30 caps
500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom 30% extract 

Three small clinical trials suggest it may improve adult cognition.

One study of adults looked at lion's mane for mild cognitive impairment. Three grams a day of lion's mane mushroom was associated with higher cognitive scores in participants compared to those taking a placebo (an identical pill without medicine).

The improvement was more pronounced the longer the lion's mane was taken, up to 16 weeks. Four weeks after the lion's mane was stopped, the scores dropped somewhat again.

Another trial of healthy adults over age 50 revealed that those taking 3.2 grams of lion's mane mushroom a day for 12 months saw an increase in cognitive scores. Although the trial size was small, study researchers concluded that lion's mane could be a safe choice for dementia prevention.

And a small study of people with mild Alzheimer's disease found that those who took 1,050 milligrams of lion's mane daily had improvements in cognition and activities of daily living (ADL). The researchers suggest that lion's mane may help slow the rate of neurodegeneration (loss of brain cells)—but more extensive trials are needed to verify this.

Lion's Mane on Depression and Anxiety

Lion's mane may help with symptoms of depression or anxiety because of its effect on serotonin, which helps regulate mood.

Edible mushrooms like lion's mane contain a compound called 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan, which is made into serotonin in the body. Lion's Mane is now widely used in combination with Microdosing.

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