Microdosing 18 days pack (Truffles)
Microdosing 18 days pack (Truffles)
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Microdosing 18 days pack (Truffles)

Inspirocin is designed for microdosing practice. It is recommended that first time users start with 1 max. portion per day. Microdosing is intended to leave the user sober and fully focused.

User schedule included. One box (6 x 1g of truffles) good for 18 days microdosing.

*This product can't be shipped outside of the EU (not to the UK and Switzerland either).
Microdosing Inspirocin

6 x 1g Tampanensis Truffles in a vacuum strip.
More and more is coming to the surface about the benefits of Psilocin and Psilocybin.
It is now possible to get some of those benefits using very small dosages of magic truffles without experiencing a trip. When following the right magic truffles microdosing program, you will not notice anything resembling a trip at all. For comparison: a normal low-end Tampanensis truffle trip appears after taking about 7 to 10 grams of the magic truffles, but when you are microdosing, you only take 1 gram of truffles on any given day.
Microdosing with truffles is often used against depression, migraines, cluster-headaches, anxiety and stress, but it is also used by musicians and other artists to generate more creativity in their work. It is for example also used by writers to counter a 'Writer's Block', by coders to help with programming, and even just as an all-round mood-lifter and sleep improver.


The James Fadiman protocol is the most common schedule for microdosing. This protocol is basically a 3-day repeating cycle that needs to continue for a minimum of a month but it’s better to continue it for 8 to 10 weeks. Do at least 4 weeks and see how you feel then. If you notice improvement don't stop and continue the full 8 weeks or up to 10 weeks in a row.

* Day 1: Microdosing 1g
* Day 2: Normal day
* Day 3: Normal day
* Day 4: Microdosing 1g
* Day 5: Normal day
* Day 6: Normal day
* Day 7: Microdosing 1g
* Day 8: Normal day
* Day 9: Normal day
* etc.

Length of primary cycle: 1 to 2.5 months After that pause for 2 weeks or if needed 4 weeks. After that you can resume for another 2 or 2.5 months. It is often done for 1 year to get optimal results.
It is obviously a guideline, there is also a less common but possible 2-day faster cycle more suited for those who have a light form or a stronger form of ADHD. If you get more experienced you can fine tune your protocol to fit your specific needs, you can speed it up or even slow it down. But to avoid Psilocine tolerance you should always leave at least one day without a dose in-between the microdosings.
It is also possible to start the protocol with 0,5g - 0,7g and slowly increase up to 1 gram over time (max 1.5g to avoid tolerance).

  * Chewing - chew about 1 gram of Microdosing Inspirocin truffles thoroughly, with or without vegan chocolade (min 70% cacao). Ideal is 2 hours after breakfast.
* Lemon Tea - one or two hours after breakfast, make a tea that is not too hot and add  freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add 1 gram of Microdosing Inspirocin truffles and leave it aside for 5 minutes before drinking.
* Swallow - many find it more comfortable to swallow 1 gram of Microdosing Inspirocin truffles in one go with some water because it gets delayed and gets more spread out (This method is NOT advisable for higher doses). Do this 2 hours after breakfast or 2 hours after dinner.
* Yogurt - add 1 gram of Microdosing Inspirocin truffles to a glas or bowl of preferably unsweetened low-fat yogurt, quark or cottage cheese. This you can do already one hour after breakfast.

Resource Management
Mage your resources by thinking ahead and fine tune your refrigerator.
4 boxes of Microdosing Inspirocin are enough for about 2,5 months so good for the full first cycle, one box is good for 18 days.
Usually they last 8 to 10 weeks after being received, if they are kept properly cooled (2-3 degrees Celcius). A thermometer in the fridge could be very useful.
The total duration of the shipment and the temperatures during shipping can also influence the expiration date.
If you want to order for example every 18 or 36 days place your order on time and take account of delays and the time it took to arrive after you ordered on the first delivery.

  Storage & Preservation
Put this product immediately in the fridge (2-5 degrees Celcius, do not freeze!) as soon at it arrives by mail.
Contains 6 vacuum portions on a handy strip, easy to rip and peal. Can take a 12-14 day journey out of the fridge by mail without losing potency as long as the vacuum seal is not ruptured. if they travel more than a week they can inflate a bit due to CO2 production and there may appear a thin white layer of mycellium which is perfectly normal.
Contact your physician if you are taking any mentally oriented medication or serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI).
Do not combine with Passion Flower or any other MAO-Inhibitor (MAOIs).

It is not advisable to smoke cannabis or drink alcohol on the microdosing days. Not because you would really notice something but because it could influence the results on the long term.

  Dimensions: (width, height, depth)

 3.5   x  1.5  x   12  cm


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