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Magic Truffles are the Magic Mushrooms of the 21st Century. They will make you laugh, hallucinate and open new ways to fantasy and imagination.
Mexicana 10g - Psi..
Mexicana 10g - Psilocybe Mexicana A
Price: € 19.50
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Mexicana 15g - Psi..
Mexicana 15g - Psilocybe Mexicana A
Price: € 27.50
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Tampanensis 15g -..
Tampanensis 15g  -  Psilocybe Tampanensis
Price: € 27.50
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Tampanensis 10g -..
Tampanensis 10g  -  Psilocybe Tampanensis
Price: € 19.50
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Atlantis 10g - P..
Atlantis 10g  -  Psilocybe Atlantis
Price: € 22.50
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Atlantis 15g - P..
Atlantis 15g  -  Psilocybe Atlantis
Price: € 29.50
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Galindoii 15g - ..
Galindoii 15g  -  Psilocybe Galindoi
Price: € 32.50
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Galindoii 10g - ..
Galindoii 10g  -  Psilocybe Galindoi
Price: € 25.00
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