Thai Growkit
Thai Growkit
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Thai Growkit

Cultivate your own Thai Magic Mushrooms at home.

The Psilocybe Cubensis Thai, also known as Psilocybe Samuiensis, is a mushroom that can cause a party! They are often used during full moon parties in Thailand. It‘s origins are west of the village of Ban Hua Thanon, in Koh Samui.

Thai magic mushrooms provide a lot of happy energy and great colorful visuals, suitable for beginners and the more experienced. It's one of the easiest to grow and it gives you a big harvest. The caps of the Thai cubensis can be round to flat with a light yellow-brown to almost orange-brown color. The stem is usually thin and widens at the top.

These cubensis magic mushroom growkits are very easy to use. Everyone can do it in every home.

Click on the Growkit Manual link below to read the grow instructions online or to save/download the pdf file.
Just follow the 7 simple steps. After 3 weeks you could start producing up to 300 grams of fresh Thai mushrooms with several more flushes following.

Growkit Manual

Tip: Thermo Mat

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