Sporeprint Treasure Coast
Sporeprint Treasure Coast
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Sporeprint Treasure Coast

Grow your own Treasure Coast Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms from this EZ-Grow sporeprint.

The Treasure Coast psilocybe cubensis is a fast colonizer of substrate and it's mycelium fruit multiple flushes with little time between flushes. A high overall yield of Treasure Coast shrooms is what the Treasure Coast spores provides. Occasionally the Treasure Coast sprouts an Albino mushroom. A real potent treasure to have in every spore collection.

Treasure Coast fungus likes to fruit many small to medium sized potent mushrooms. When Treasure Coast was first discovered in the United States it has been used for many research purposes. They seem to have a different shape of spores than the other cubensis, but Treasure Coast is a cubensis nevertheless.

Just like the B+, it also handles the outdoor quite well and it might me interesting to see happens to your garden if you leave the exhausted mushroom cake resting in a dark spot.

English - How To Grow Mushrooms From Spores

*This product can't be shipped outside of the EU (not to the UK and Switzerland either).

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