Sporeprint Mazatapec
Sporeprint Mazatapec
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Sporeprint Mazatapec

Grow your own Mazatapec Psilobybe Cubensis mushrooms from this EZ-Grow sporeprint.

Mazatapec also known as Teonanactl is a real spiritual mushroom strain from Oaxaca Mexico. Used by the Mazatec tribe in Central America in Shamanic healing sessions and rituals this can well be the first psilocybe cubensis strain that was cultivated by man.

The Mazatapec spore has great rhizomorphic mycelium that will grow tall slim fruits with caramel red caps. Full flushes of shape shifting Mazatpec mushrooms will provide enough big enough caps for spore printing.

The traditional Mazatapec cubensis characteristics makes it a great mushroom strain to work with.

English - How To Grow Mushrooms From Spores

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