Costa Rican Growkit
Costa Rican Growkit
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Costa Rican Growkit

Cultivate your own Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms at home.

The Costa Rican strain originates from the Arenal Volcano region in central America. It comes from rich in minerals volcanic soil so make sure you get it from a proper rich enough substrate supplier, like ours, otherwise it may be tricky to grow. This old ritual mushroom from the time of the Olmecs has been used by Shamans throughout the ages.
Even today, healers in central America still use the Costa Rican cubensis in sessions and is especially effective against depression.

The Costa Rican gives an overall super happy experience with a long lasting euphoric state and is a very good entry level choice. It also gives you the sense of touching the divine in a very pleasant way. But it is also for the experienced users when they want to trip together because it tends to be very social.
The Costa Rican mushroom has a long and medium to thin stalks and larger gold brown caps.

These cubensis magic mushroom growkits are very easy to use. Everyone can do it in every home.

Click on the Growkit Manual link below to read the grow instructions online or to save/download the pdf file.
Just follow the 7 simple steps. After 3 weeks you could start producing up to 300 grams of fresh Costa Rican mushrooms with several more flushes following.

Growkit Manual

Tip: Thermo Mat

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