Cambodian Growkit
Cambodian Growkit
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Cambodian Growkit

Cultivate your own Cambodian Magic Mushrooms at home.
The Cambodian mushroom was first found by John Allen near the Angkor Watt temple.
it is energetic and happy and gives a profound insight and creativity , It's a stonger variation to it's neighbour the well known Thai. Visuals are stunning when taken in the forrest or jungle. 
The strain is easy to grow and will produce some good flushes. You'll get many medium sized mushrooms. They resemble in appearance to the Thai mushrooms.
Follow the instructions exacltly and make sure the temperature stays as much as possible around 23 to 25 degrees Celsius, you may need a thermomat (available on our website).
These cubensis magic mushroom growkits are very easy to use. Everyone can do it in every home.
Click on the Growkit Manual link below to read the grow instructions online or to save/download the pdf file.
Just follow the 7 simple steps. After 3 weeks you could start producing up to 300 grams of fresh Cambodian mushrooms with several more flushes following.

*This product can't be shipped outside of the EU (not to the UK and Switzerland either).

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