Atlantis 10g - Psilocybe Atlantis
Atlantis 10g  -  Psilocybe Atlantis
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Atlantis 10g - Psilocybe Atlantis

Although Psilocybe Atlantis has been found to be a separate type of truffle, it is more closely related to the Psilocybe Mexicana than to other strains. However Atlantis is a lot more potent than the Mexican classic, and is considered a true allrounder when it comes to the effects.
It is not the first choice for beginners, but many beginners did fare well discovering the underlying world of Atlantis.
You can expect a continuous strong joyful state combined with powered-up creativity, mental expansion, a taste of the spiritual and amazing visuals.

This is one of only 4 known strains of magic mushrooms that can produce sclerotia (truffles) naturally in the right conditions. Two of those truffles are from the USA, this rare one was first found in 2003 in the grasslands of the Fulton county, the main county of Atlanta, in the North West of Georgia and hasn’t been found in the wild anywhere else.
It has been cultivated from spores in countless places since, and is now one of the most popular truffles in the world.

On 10g of Atlantis, your surroundings may be perceived to show some alterations in shape and form and sometimes geometric patterns will appear, so if you’re a novice, don’t be alarmed, this is normal. The brightness and beauty of colors, especially in full sunlight in nature is astounding on the Atlantis truffle, it is considered a real treat.

10g is a medium portion for 1 person giving a good 4,5 to 5 hours trip. 15g of the Atlantis truffles, also available on our site, can be shared by 2 people, but the trip will be only 3,5 hours and a lot lighter. Store in fridge 2-5°C before use. Once the vacuum seal is broken consume within 3 days.

Click on the How To Use Truffles link below in your language to read the instructions online or to save/download the pdf file (with the free Dropbox app).

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