Agent Provocateur - Female Libido Booster
Agent Provocateur - Female Libido Booster
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Agent Provocateur - Female Libido Booster

Libido Woman
A woman’s libido can have its ups and downs sometimes, too. Often, your menstrual cycle influences when you feel more like having sex and when you’re less interested. Later in life, the menopause is responsible for this. On the other hand, external factors such as stress can also affect your libido. With Dr. Becky Agent Provocateur, you can give both your libido and your mental state a welcome boost.
When to use Agent Provocateur
Are you noticing that you’re becoming less interested in sex than you’d like to be? Dr. Becky Agent Provocateur can help you with this. It’s perfectly normal that you sometimes feel more interested and sometimes less. This has to do with your menstrual cycle: when you’re ovulating your hormones often make you feel more like sex than you do just before your period. If you have an irregular cycle, then this will affect your libido too.
Your libido is also influenced by the blood circulation in the vagina. The better the blood supply to the vagina, the more sensitive it becomes and the more you will enjoy sex and orgasm. Good circulation also helps to bring about the arousal that’s needed for sex. It makes the vagina moist, so that sex is much more pleasurable. During the menopause, it’s normal for mucous membranes to become drier. This also applies to the membranes in the vagina. Dr. Becky Agent Provocateur can help with this too.
Do you often feel tense? Relaxation is really important for a good sex life. Dr. Becky Agent Provocateur contains various ingredients that can help with this too.
Advantages of Agent Provocateur
The great thing about Agent Provocateur is that you can take it every day - not just when you’re planning to have sex. This means you don’t lose the spontaneity in your sex life. This food supplement contains a mixture of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are non-habit forming.
Positively influences female sex drive.
Enhances sexual performance.
Promotes good circulation.*
Beneficially affects the libido.
100% natural ingredients.
Helps to stimulate arousal.
Unique formula containing 12 natural ingredients
Ingredients for a higher libido
To increase your libido, try using Agent Provocateur. The different ingredients all work together, not just improving your libido but also giving benefits in other areas such as your menstrual cycle, menopause symptoms and your immune system and reducing stress.
-Ginseng extract: ginseng is included in Dr. Becky Agent Provocateur to promote relaxation. Ginseng benefits your central nervous system.
-Ginkgo Biloba extract: helps improve blood circulation throughout the body - including the vagina. It also benefits your memory and your concentration.
-Ashwagandha extract: helps restore the balance in your mind and body at times of stress. It benefits both physical and mental health, without making you drowsy.
-Cranberry extract: helps keep your bladder and urinary tract healthy. It can also help to prevent cystitis after sex.
-Maca root extract: the extract of the maca root can give you more energy. It also helps with menstruation problems and menopause symptoms.
-Zinc gluconate: this form of zinc is easily absorbed in the body. It helps in various areas including female fertility, concentration and the immune system.
-Vitamin A: supports the development of the unborn child, but it’s also good for your immune system, skin, hair and lungs.
Vitamin B1 (thiamine): important for energy levels and ensures the heart and nervous system function properly.
-Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): helps the body convert carbohydrates, protein and fats into energy.
-Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide): plays an important role in maintaining energy levels in the body.
-Folic acid: responsible for the production of white and red blood cells.
-Vitamin C: good for the immune system, enhances the body’s iron absorption and benefits bones, muscles and joints.
Agent Provocateur is a food supplement to support your health. If the symptoms persist, consult your GP. Always consult your GP if you are also taking medication. Store at room temperature. Read the instructions on the packaging and the information leaflet before use.  
*Health claims, made on the basis of vegetable ingredients, are currently under consideration by the EFSA.
Vegan  GMP Production
Composition per daily dose 2 caps DRI (%)
Ginseng extract 200,0 mg
Of which ginsenoside                          16,0 mg
Ginkgo Biloba extract 200,0 mg
of which flavones 48,0 mg
of which lactones    12,0 mg
Ashwagandha extract 160,0 mg
Cranberry powder 100,0 mg
Maca root extract 100,0 mg
Vitamin C 50,0 mg 62,5%
Niacin 16,0 mg NE 100,0%
Zinc 8,0 mg 80,0%
Riboflavin 1,4 mg 100,0%
Thiamine 1,1 mg 100,0%
Vitamin A 576,0 µg RE 72,0%
Folic acid 200,0 µg 100,0%
DRI (%)Reference quantity for the average adult in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 * No recommendation available.

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