Stacker 3 (100 caps)
Stacker 3 (100 caps)
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Stacker 3 (100 caps)

Stacker 3 is a strong energizer and fat burner; very good for losing weight and feeling energized at the same time. Take 1 capsule of Stacker 3 after every meal (3 a day). Stacker 3 is Available in bottles of 20 or 100 capsules.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend: Kola Nut (seeds) (4mg caffeine group alkaloids). Cactus extract 12:1 (whole plant). White Willow Bark. Grapefruit extract (fruit). Chitosan (shellfish) 225mg. Caffeine (anhydrous) 250mg. Tri-Guarcinia3 Complex: Green Tea (leaves) (<1mg caffeine group alkaloids). Guarana (seeds). Garcinia (fruit). 25mg.

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