Psilocybe Atlantis 15 grams
Psilocybe Atlantis 15 grams
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Psilocybe Atlantis 15 grams

Psilocybe Atlantis are the truffles for the people that like it stronger. The visuals are beautiful and the body high is intense. Psilocybe Atlantis is great for the outdoors. The trip will last about 5 hours.

1 box of Psilocybe Atlantis contains 15 grams of fresh truffles, which is a strong trip for 1 person, or a mild trip for 2 persons.

This product can not be shipped to the USA.
Psilocybe Atlantis 15 grams reviews
Alex Hamilton-White said:WOW - absolutely stunning and life changing. I didn’t think this was possible - but it is. I cried when it stopped!
Sofía said:would it be possible to know when will you ship my order? I paid last Friday and still haven´t heard about you.
Tolga said:
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