Happy Maker (herbal E booster)
Happy Maker (herbal E booster)
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Happy Maker (herbal E booster)

Take 2 capsules of Happy Maker together with your herbal XTC to make the herbal XTC stronger. Take the other 2 capsules later while partying. It is converted in the brain into Serotonin so you will feel very happy. Happy Maker can also be taken without herbal XTC.

Happy Maker contains 4 capsules. Each capsule contains 357 mg Bandeiroea Simplicifolia (DC) Benth. extract; 10 mg Pyridoxal-5-fosfaat; 10 mg Sint Johns Wort extract; 67 mg Inositol-hexa-nicotinate; 75 mg Calcium Citrate and 122 mg Magnesium hydroxyde.

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