Tampanensis 10g - Psilocybe Tampanensis
Tampanensis 10g  -  Psilocybe Tampanensis
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Tampanensis 10g - Psilocybe Tampanensis

The Philosopher's Stones is a well known surname of the Psilocybe Tampanensis magic truffles. Some have speculated it is related to the reddish Colombian Rust mushroom. Like with the Colombian, the emphasis is more on the open mental state, ideal for philosophy and divination, and much less on the visual. In fact many don’t even report any visual effects.

This is one of only 4 known strains of magic mushrooms that can produce sclerotia (truffles) naturally in the right conditions. Two of those are from the USA, this is one was first found in Tampa, Florida in 1977.

The Tampanensis 10g is suitable for beginners even-though it’s a philosophical trip in nature. You will have the euphoria going on the whole time making this mind trip very pleasant, physically energetic and comfortable.

10g is a mild portion for 1 person giving a 3,5 to 4 hours trip. The 15g, also available on our website, can be shared by 2 people, but the trip will be a little over 3 hours and evidently lighter. Store in fridge 2-5°C before use. Once the vacuum seal is broken consume within 3 days.

Click on the How To Use Truffles link below to read the instructions online or to save/download the pdf file.

How To Use Truffles

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